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Sherando Lake: I’ll be back 👍

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Spent the past four days in Maine. Before this I had an extremely painful past two weeks. My life is completely turned upside down and I am digging deeper into myself than I have in a long time. Writing, journaling, therapy and friends have been the only thing keeping me sane. Thank god I also have a boss who doesn’t judge me if I need to take a paperwork day instead of seeing clients. I have been very concerned about serving my clients well in therapy and feel that if I can’t do a good job that day, it’s better to reschedule. I know this is all really personal but I just want to be real. I think the worst of it is over and I’m entering a new phase of this. A much calmer place for sure. A trip is always a great way to get away from the situation. Coming home is the hardest part.

Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in southeast Iceland 

Iceland Lady Adventure

Shortly before I left for my Iceland trip I picked up my first videocamera, a GoPro and basically learned how to use it while on the trip. I stuck with the philosophy of just shooting whenever something interesting was happening and luckily, Iceland was so beautiful that it more than made up for my newbie skills and I was very pleased with the results. I came home and figured out iMovie as well and put together this music video to SSQ. I wanted to get this camera so I could start documenting my life through video just like people used to do back when videocameras first came out and boxes full of VHS tapes of birthday parties and singalongs became common then sadly died out. I hope to keep documenting things in this way and am glad that I was able to get started with this video. 


Milky Way Over Machu Picchu


Milky Way Over Machu Picchu

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Women’s Work: Reimagining “Blue-Collar”

26 images of tenacious, strong female loggers, welders, firefighters, miners and so forth challenging the idea of what we consider “women’s work.”

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Moss covered lava field

Just a small selection from my Iceland photos now that we are halfway through the trip. We’ve seen all types of geological phenomenon due to the ongoing geothermal activity within the land here.

Team Kate Bush won best team spirit at the National Abortion Access Bowl a Thon and got a free weekend retreat at the Wayside Center!! YEeehawww (4 of us are missing from this pic) 👌